Our mission and the ultimate purpose of AICoin is to enable investors in our token to build wealth through the power of artificial intelligence and the public blockchain.



AICoin is specifically designed to benefit individual investors by allowing them to become part of a collective.  This collective is created with the recognition that to hold investments in other companies and hold assets with value, a framework must be built that recognises and respects the rights of all owners of this collective.  With that said, our vision for AICoin is to bridge the divide between a conventional trading / investment company and a DAO without formal structure.



We envision a steady flow of profits and reinvestment using a distinctive two stage strategy.  Trading cryptocurrencies with artificial intelligence will provide short term gains and the fuel to drive our longer term vision of  becoming one of the most successful seed investors in the AI and Public Blockchain space. We believe this bold vision is completely attainable even with a relatively modest starting point because of our unique two stage strategy.