Adam Smith

I spent several years in tech and media start-ups as both a founder and a consultant. My role was usually as COO or director of ops, depending on how things were structured, but always the one tasked with pressing the vision forward on an immediate basis.

Apart from the crash course in business and early stage finance that working in a start-up provides, experiencing the excitement and messy chaos from the inside gives me real insight into the human side of what drives a team.

In my current work I pursue government contracts, primarily in the Unites States (IDIQs, RFPs, etc). I have clients in most of the 50 States and across several branches of the Federal government. The work exists in a highly complex regulatory framework and requires me to keep a running working knowledge of a wide range of legal, regulatory and technical subjects. To be effective I must be able to digest large amounts of information, analyze and synthesize it to produce a plan of action.

I’ve been a cryptocurrency believer for several years and have been particularly interested in ICOs and early stage projects. My utility to the collective is fairly straightforward – I have an insider’s perspective on the emotions and relationships that drive pre-funding projects and I have the ability to consume and use complex regulatory and technical data. These things have served me well in my own pursuit of ICOs.

I love early stage businesses, which both AICOIN and ICOs are. It will be an honor to serve this group, and if elected I will pursue the duty with great seriousness and enthusiasm.

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