There is an ongoing and lively debate among token holders as to whether or not AICoin should yield dividends from profits achieved. SInce this is of great concern to token holders, we will be voting on this issue during our first official vote. However, this vote will only direct how dividends are handled at the present time. This will be a question we will revisit regularly as the situation in the marketplace, the history of AICoin develops and opinions of token holders change.

Voting choices

  1. DO not issue dividends at this time. Continue with current profit distribution of 40% return to coin pool trading, 50% into the investment pool with a 10% Management Fee
  2. 10% dividends, 40% Coin Pool, 40% Investment Pool, 10% Management Fee.
  3. 20% dividend, 30% Coin Pool, 40% Investment Pool, 10% Management Fee
  4. 20% dividend, 40% Coin Pool, 30% Investment Pool, 10% Management Fee
  5. 30% dividend, 30% Coin Pool, 30% Investment Pool, 10% Management Fee

How dividend voting will be counted

Two of our token holders very sagely pointed out that splitting the YES-DIVIDEND votes over five choices and concentrating all NO DIVIDEND votes in one choice is very likely to produce a NO vote. Therefore, voting for dividends will be counted as follows. All YES DIVIDENDS votes will be added together and if together they number more than the NO DIVIDEND votes, AICoin will immediately start to issue dividends on new equity highs. If the vote is YES, then the level of dividends will be based on the choice in the ballot that receives the highest number of votes. If NO DIVIDENDS receives a higher number of votes, then no dividends will be issued for the next 6 months, afterwhich time we will revisit the issue.

AICoin Management urges choice 1; voting NO on the dividend issue.

This is very early in the history of our strategy. Management believes that devoting as much capital as possible to increasing the value of the coin at this point is the strategically sound decision.