AI∙COIN  is a unique altcoin that draws revenue from two sources based on:

1) artificial intelligence directing cryptocurrency trading combined with

2) the wisdom of the coin holders which will direct investment in artificial intelligence and blockchain related start-ups.

 Using artificial intelligence modeling, AI∙COIN will trade the top seven cryptocurrency markets with the sole purpose of generating and maximizing profits.  Profits are collected, and when new equity highs are reached the profit will be split into three separate pools:

  • Forty percent of the profits are reinvested in the Cryptocurrency Trading Pool driven by the AI models.
  • Ten percent of the profits will go to a management fee that will be used by the developers of the model for continued research.
  • Fifty percent will go into the Start-up Funding Pool that will be used exclusively to finance AI or blockchain start-ups.

Each quarter, the available assets in the Start-up Investment Pool can be used to take a position in early stage companies in either public blockchain or AI, as voted by coin holders. In the absence of any qualified start-ups on any particular quarter, the coin holders have the option to return the funds to the Start-up Investment Pool.

For more specific detail on the coin, please refer to the whitepaper.