Upon successful completion of the Initial Coin Offering, $10,000 worth of coins will be released to the AI∙COIN Management Team to be used to form a Singapore Company plus associated bank account.

The Singapore Company will be setup for the purpose of managing the assets on behalf of AI∙COIN holders. All assets held within the company will be collectively owned by the holders of the AI∙COIN .

After the company is formed, 100% of the remaining assets will be transferred into the Singapore company to be used in the investment portfolio. A note will be issued for the collective benefit of the AI∙COIN coin holders. This will be a convertible note that will give the coin holders the benefit of all after tax profits generated within the company after running costs. These funds are to remain within the company to finance future asset growth.

When the cryptocurrency trading reaches new equity highs it triggers an event where assets are distributed to the start-up investment pool, the developer, with the balance returning to the coin trading pool which will scale up trading volume.