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My name is Martin Čmelík and I work as a Security Architect and Technology Advisor for a multinational pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland. In my role I work on roadmaps, key projects, setting requirements, use-cases and evaluating technologies based on multiple criteria. Part of my role concerns deliverables such as presentations (pitch decks) required for alignments, decisions, endorsements or results of matrix scoring for Architecture Board and Steering committees.

Blockchain and especially AI (Deep Learning) is not only fascinating, but my hobby. AI have impact in almost all industries so it’s important for me to understand how these algorithms can be used and which efforts will never reach the desired goals of the founders. This is because the founders of a startup may have started down the wrong path without knowing it. Based on my extensive past experience with evaluating many different technologies, my main benefit to the collective probably is that I can quickly recognize those interesting technologies with potential.

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