Mike Hartung

Since the age of 18 I was interested in the stock market and investing.  At this age I opened my first trading account trading penny stocks and other low priced shares.  I made money I lost money but over time I learned how to research buy low and sell high no matter how long it took.  I studied trading strategies read books and learned how the big fish make their money. Over 20 years of trading and some day trading has paid for almost my entire home mortgage all my families cars, trips and investments.  I’m now at the point where I’m almost financially independent and now that Crypto has come onto the stage I have taken to this exciting volatile market with almost all my spare time.  I love the fact that it is 24/7 and not controlled for the most part as of yet by the big players on Wall Street and the big banks. I have invested in Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum and AICOIN I feel this is where I will make my fortune and AIcoin will be the big pay off so to speak in the long run.

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