Privacy Policy

What you can and cannot do with your personal data and how you can exercise your privacy rights under the GDPR.
If you have not gone through the KYC process you can send a request from the same email address used to register for the service to have your personal data purged from the database.
At any time you can supress email delivery from our informational email services by clicking on the unsubscribe link on the bottom of the email.
Why we sometimes are required to retain your personal data even if you no longer use the services on the site.
If you have gone through the KYC process, even if you have not placed any trades we are legally required to maintain your records as part of the KYC/AML convention.
The security measures we use to protect your personal data.
AICoin houses our servers in financial grade data centres in Singapore. Those servers are replicated to provide continuity of service.  Servers are backed up continually to minimise potential data loss. And we archive all trade data.
How we use your personal data.
AICoin does not and will never share your personal data with third parties or partners without your approval. We do track trading activity to make sure that it takes place on the platform in an orderly and ethical manner.
Also, in an effort to improve our service and make sure tokenholders are aware of features they may be interested in, we will place cookies on your computer. This process uses anonymised data. However, if you then register for the service we will link that previous behaviour to your AICoin account. We do this to understand how people make a decision to become a registered user of the site.

For inquiries about our Privacy Policy, please contact us.