New Plans for AICoin + DeFi Token Launch:

 We’ve been working for some time on the creation of the tech needed to bring these plans to market. I am now permitted to share this information.

 Phase I – End August 2021. Panxora will launch a suite of risk management and basket trading tools that clients can use on any major exchange to protect their crypto-assets from a fall in market price. The Risk Management as a Service (RMaaS) software will move assets out of cryptocurrency if it thinks there is a big drop in price coming. It will move back into crypto usually at a lower price, when it thinks the drop is over and the trend is starting again. RMaaS will work on about 30 different cryptocurrencies. I will publish the coin list in a couple of weeks. But definitely in the mix are bitcoins, ether, litecoin, cardano, polkaDot and uniswap.

How does AICoin fit in?

Users of this service will receive a 1/3 discount if they lock AICoin (XAI) into their own wallet when they are setting up the RMaaS risk management account.

So that people can get ready for this release XAI is now tradable on Uniswap. We are working with a liquidity provider that has committed a limited amount of cash to the project right now. But, they have said they will increase the liquidity provision when the service launches.

Phase II – October 2021. This trading platform will be opened up to ANY Expert bot developer or trader to provide their trade signals to Followers. The way this will work is when the Expert trades on their account, the Follower’s account will trade a proportional amount of assets. This way it doesn’t matter if the Expert trades a large amount but your account is much smaller.

To aid in the selection of profitable Experts it will be possible to automatically validate the Expert’s trades and produce performance statistics. You will be able to follow those trades on the exchange of your choice regardless of where the Expert trades. The fee goes directly to the Expert.

For Phase II both Followers and Experts MUST hold XAI to participate. (This is designed to enhance the potential for AICoin holders)

Phase III Mid November. Panxora will release a decentralised app that allows clients to use this Expert/Follow platform on decentralised exchanges. To do this, the software has to run locally on your machine. This is necessary because when you use a DEX you need direct access to the trading wallets on your computer. (So you have to leave your computer running for this to work.) Minimum coverage will be UniSwap and Sushiswap. Of course, the local app will also work on centralised exchanges too.

Phase IV January 2022.

Panxora will launch a full DeFi enabled token which will be used to power the service. At this stage holders of XAI will be given at least 3 months to decide whether to continue holding XAI or switch to this new DeFi token. The new token will have staking benefits which XAI will not have. XAI will be exchangeable for the new DeFi token on a 1:1 basis. Three months after the launch of the new DeFi token we will stop accepting XAI as payment and discount mechanism for the new service. If the service is a success we expect this new DeFi token to be worth SIGNIFICANTLY more than the XAI buyback levels so switching should be an easy decision. If take up of the new service is slower than expected we may, at our discretion, extend the 3-month window.

To achievement!

-Marcie D Terman-
AICoin Founder