AICoin Terms & Conditions

These are the Terms & Conditions of the AICoin Investment Collective which come into effect after the close of the ICO subscription period

US Token Holder Notes

Notes of interest to persons residing in the United States of America

Proposed changes to the Terms & Conditions

ICO Investment Pool

Proposed creation of a separate ICO Investment Pool managed by a committee that makes decisions about taking positions in in ICOs on behalf of the collective. Full proposal can be read here. This will be voted on during the February 22 – 25 ballot.

Change to Start-up Investment Schedule

Currently the schedule for voting on Start-up opportunities is fixed at one vote per fiscal quarter. The Service Provider suggests changing the schedule to allow voting at any time in which the Start-up Investment Board finds a minimum of five opportunities for the Collective to consider.

The Service Provider strongly suggests adopting this measure to allow flexibility to secure desirable opportunities in a timely manner. The rules concerning a 30-day notice period for members of the Collective to consider the opportunity would still apply.