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Unleash the Collective Model Trading Competition

The AICoin Collective has set aside $250,000 of capital to be traded by model developers. Developers will trade their model through an API that places orders into the Panxora exchange demonstration platform. Every month we’ll look at the developers that have made money on the demonstration platform in that month and move them over to LIVE – for profit trading.

Panxora traders and members of the AICoin collective can get a head start on building your models and writing to the Panxora API so when we announce the launch you may be well on your way to share in big results.

How to get started

Verify your trading account on the Panxora exchange. If you already have an AICoin account, your AICoin username and password will work to log into Panxora. Then email [email protected] to have your account whitelisted for API access and to receive the API documentation.

Developers competing will also need to hold 10,000 XAI in any calendar month they are trading in the competition. These can be purchased on the Panxora Exchange, the AICoin dashboard or Forkdelta.

Competition Terms & Conditions