Siraj Patel

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I consider myself as an enthusiastic, career-minded crypto entrepreneur. Both a strong team player, but possessing strong leadership skills. I am passionate about digital innovation and blockchain specifically. I’m an innovative thinker,  able to adapt to new situations and challenges with a logical mind and creative approach. This is particularly helpful when analysing propositions from the blockchain world. Because of my strong interest in all things blockchain I am highly motivated to learn about ICO propositions, able to meet deadlines and able to focus on asking the right questions in this volatile industry. I have a strong foundation in understanding blockchain technologies, its implications, profitability, opportunities and a clear understanding of the risks involved.

I am a director and chief technical engineer at Tech Clinic in the UK. We are an MSP (Managed Service Provider)  in the IT industry. Our focus is to manage computer networks and equipment for our clients. So, managing their servers, desktop and tablets. This technology experience has given me a great insight on how disruptive the blockchain technology will be. My business experience has given me excellent communication skills as well as a clear understanding of how to prioritize and delegate work effectively.

My interest in the crypto world started in 2011. Then I was primarily focused on mining. Soon after, I founded a company called This gave me a great opportunity to learn and make many friends within the mining community.

Over the past few years, my main focus has moved onto ICOs. I dedicate an extensive amount of time reading and absorbing potential opportunities for investment. As a diligent ICO investor, I have experienced success in several ICO investments. Yes of course I’ve had my fair share of disappointments and losses too but because of that, I’ve learnt on how to improve my approach by carrying out detailed due diligence. Because of this, I also have gained a reputation with other crypto investors from the UK and China whom are now investors within my Syndicate.

I am passionate on and assisting others and making them aware of this once in a lifetime opportunity of blockchain/cryptocurrencies.  I share this by creating videos and sharing my thoughts via my YouTube / DTude channel. Whenever possible I regularly attend/visit crypto seminars and exhibitions as much as I can to continue learning and meeting new people in and outside the crypto community.

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